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Kneading Dough

Faith Kelley lives in Washington, DC with her husband and three interns at the William Penn House, a Quaker hostel and seminar center. Besides cooking for her husband and housemates, she also often feeds guests at the William Penn House and those who come to Capitol Hill Friends, a Quaker church.

Faith got excited about cooking and baking after reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Mineral. She tries to buy local, organic and in season when she can. As for most people, this is more of a goal than an actual reality. Faith also takes joy in making the most of what’s in the fridge and has enjoyed being part of a CSA this year. As she cooks more and more, Faith is learning to balance making things from scratch and not spending all day in the kitchen.

Faith - Caught Red-Handed

Faith has long felt a call to “feed my sheep,” as Jesus called Peter to in Matthew. Literally feeding others is the newest incarnation of this prompting. Jesus knew that eating with others brought people together – think of all the meals he ate with sinners, the Last Supper and his meal with the disciples on the shore after his resurrection! Faith too desires to create space for others to come, be fed and grow.

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